Vegan Fashion is the new Cool — An insight into online clothin Vegan shopping


Fashion industry is one such industry which has its own set of ups-and-downs more often than any other industry. It’s likely that one day you are at a shopping spree and within a week, you end up finding that everything you purchased is out of fashion. New ideas and innovations float the fashion industry more often than normal. Our clear online shop winner that offers vegan clothing is with variety of brands and friendly prices. Among many modifications to the current status quo, the idea of environment protection is on the rise nowadays. The concept has given rise to many new varieties of change worldwide impacting everything we do — from our eating and travelling to our working and shopping habits.


Many fashion designers and celebrities have come forward and shown support to the PETA cause — to protect wildlife and stop hunting of animals for skin, leather, meat and other body parts. Every year millions of animals — both domestic and wild — are slaughtered for their valuable body parts. Lately, the luxury fashion industry has repeatedly emphasized over the cause of cruelty-free clothing and raised concerns over the use of animal parts for clothing, apparels and accessories. So next time, if you’re looking for a shiny leather bag, a cozy woollen sweater or pure leather boots, just remember that a furry friend is not able to see the light of the day due to fancy jacket you’re wearing! Here’s some of the best vegan brands worldwide which are leading the noble PETA cause without even compromising on style, looks and comfort.


  1. Wilby

Wilby is an online vegan store started in 2013 specializing in small clutch hand bags. The products are free from animal products, certified animal free, Eco-sensitive and environment friendly. The company is based in London and offers a fair price range, from £40-£120.

  1. Shrimps

This London based fashion brand has taken the world by storm during the London Fashion Week with each fashionista having one of their colorful faux fur coats on their Shopping Bucket List. The jacket is made for all seasons, so if you want to fancy a jacket during your summer vacation trip, Shrimps is the brand to keep in mind. A cropped Shrimps jacket costs £450 and is available in a unique mix of art, colors, textures and prints.

  1. LaBante

LaBante is a PETA approved vegan brand which means its code of conduct ensures no use of animals whatsoever. The London based fashion brand with the underlying motto of ‘Fashion with Respect’ follows its code of conduct very seriously. Prices start from £55 for a shoulder bag ideal for a hangout, with smart office bags and laptop bags also in the e-store.

  1. Stella McCartney

English fashion designer, Stella McCartney is one of the most famous fashion vegans, and never consider leather or fur in any of her designs. She is totally against animal products for style and finds exciting when people can’t differentiate her products from other leather bags. Her leather-lookalike shoes are simple, elegant yet can’t forgo the style quotient. You can expect the price range between £175 and £1500 depending on the choice.

  1. Wills

The perfect store to consider if you’re after a formal look and want drop dead gorgeous leather shoes to add to your status quo. The store was started with a motto to offer Animal and Human Friendly shoes, and to bridge the gap between affordable, high street lifestyle and ethical living. Without hurting animals or humans in the process, Wills offer A+ quality vegan shoes between £40-£100.

  1. Noah

Italian leather shoes are worth dying for, not if you’re a animal cruelty conscious fashionista. It’s a dream come true for any vegan if such beautiful craftsmanship is offered without killing any animal — and Noah does just that and that too, in style! The leather shoes costs between £100 — £250 but are made without using any animal product whatsoever.

  1. Free People

American fashion brand is the one destination for all your shopping needs — from apparels, to accessories, intimates and outdoor — all available on their online store. One of their product line is entirely made up of vegan collection and offers jackets, tank-tops and shoes made from faux leather. The brand offers worldwide shipping within 7 business days and offers free standard delivery on orders above $100.

  1. Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat, short for MAT(t)erial and NATure, is a Canadian based vegan brand started in 1995. With major emphasis on animal free products, the brand offers a wide collection of handbags, backpacks, and overnight bags. The brand is a one stop destination to fair priced, 100% animal free, well made bag. Prices start from £80 and reach to a maximum of £160.

  1. Nastygal

Nastygal should be the ideal destination for your craving for a vintage look with a vegan scarf adding to the cooler quotient. The company is America based and has operations in more than 60 countries with special appeal for vegan skirts, shoes, clothing and accessories for young women.

  1. Beyond Skin

With a PETA approved Vegan mark, Beyond Skin proudly offers ‘Genuinely not Leather’ shoes and sandals for both men and women, with major focus on women footwear. Started in 2001, this Brighton based company now offers everything from office footwear to bridal shoes to vegan chic sandals. Price varies from £80 to £250 for a pair, which is made in a factory in Spain.

  1. Alabama Chanin

Started in 2000 by Natalie Chanin in the US, this lifestyle company produces thoughtful garments and uses cotton fabric in their designs. Stick to the basics, they offer hand-sewn garments on demand with special emphasis on detail, intricacies of art, and high quality basics. For basic tops, the cost is about £100 — £150, and for more detailing £500 is the limit.

  1. Black Score

A humor filled, mighty on-demand T-shirt brand, is not only vegan but too much fun! From fashion jokes, to doodles of PETA and Kanye West, these cool T-shirts are a must have for every college guy or girl. These novel tees cost between £20 — £40 but are powerful enough to strike a conversation and make you the best dude among the rest.