We’re taking our road trip west to see the best of the Midwest’s consignment shop. First up is Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

Milwaukee, WI – As Wisconsin’s biggest city, Milwaukee has a lot to live up to. Not only does the city have amazing views of Lake Michigan, it’s also home to some great consignment stores. ‘Nistas, if you’re looking for eco-conscious shops that specialize in vintage wares, local designers, and even publishes its own e-newsletter, the city has got you covered. Keep reading to see which of Milwaukee’s best consignment shops made our list!

WHO: Rethique

WHERE: 190 North Broadway in the Third Ward

WHAT: Rethique is Milwaukee’s first boutique-concept store opened by Goodwill. While the two-year-old shop doesn’t consign, it does focus on more designer brands and labels than other Goodwill stores. It sells artwork from Goodwill participants and reuses fixtures from old boutiques and stores. Same reuse and recycle concept of Goodwill but with a focus on designer labels – it’s the best of both worlds for a fashionista on a budget!

BEST REWARDS CARD: If shopping at Rethique and Goodwill stores weren’t good karma-worthy, Goodwill has a rewards card for shoppers! Unlike other stores that hide discounts and specials, Goodwill actually promotes the use of its rewards card. Shoppers can get 5 percent off purchases of $20 or more, 25 percent off on their birthday, coupons, and students can get 10 percent off if they shop on Saturday while senior citizens can get 15 percent off on Wednesdays. Sign us up!

WHO: ReThreads

WHERE: There are three locations: 2943 N. Humboldt Blvd. in Milwaukee, 410 State St. in Madison, and 534 Grand River Ave. in East Lansing.

WHAT: Shoppers can find modern and vintage clothing and accessories in this unique shop that doesn’t consign but does buy, sell, and trade – even better than consigning. Its unique business model has kept the store successful since its opening in 2009. The store pays cash or trades items immediately after reviewing pieces that shoppers bring in, instant gratification!

BEST PUBLICATION: Keeping up with its eco-friendly image, ReThreads publishes its own e-newsletter. Subscribers can get store updates, exclusive subscriber discounts, sale alerts, and a chance to win $50 in shopping credit in a random drawing each month. We usually pay to subscribe to publications, but this one’s pretty much paying us to subscribe, such an odd yet awesome feeling.

WHO: Lela

WHERE: 321 North Broadway (not far from Rethique, perfect for consignment shopping trip!)

WHAT: The outside may look like a giant warehouse, but the inside is anything but. The warehouse-turned-store is 1,200 square feet of designer consignment and vintage merchandise. Shoppers can easily spend an afternoon browsing the racks or host an evening with friends at a shopping party where party goers can snag pieces at discounted prices. The store even hosted a fashion show for Fashion’s Night Out – does it get more fab than that?

BEST YOUNG DESIGNERS: While Lela sells consigned clothing, the store also sells exclusive merchandise from emerging designers. By giving designers a selling platform and shoppers more shopping options, it’s a win-win situation for both parties! Designers like Shanel Regier curate items from her collections just for Lela shoppers and Belgium native Ilse Eriksson only carries her line Mel en Stel exclusively at Lela.